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In the digital age, consumers hold all the power. With the click of a button, they can choose what they want to see, hear or engage with. It’s easy for your brand to get dismissed as traditional forms of marketing become less effective.

How can you capture and retain the attention of your target market? 

Whether you’re a marketing rookie, a senior marketing manager or a C-level executive you need to learn the skills required to make your business thrive in today’s global economy.

At ADMI’s Corporate Academy Digital Marketing Bootcamps, you’ll be taught by industry experts in the company of other professionals.  Africa Digital Media Institute was the first Kenya partner for Google’s Digital Skills for Africa training in 2015. Since then, we have helped over 250 digital marketers go from rookie to pro.

Join Corporate Academy’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp to learn new skills for marketing in a digital world today.

3 Day Digital Marketing Fundamentals Bootcamp

Custom made for entry-level digital marketing officers, this bootcamp lays bare the foundations of digital marketing. Students will learn useful concepts and tools that will help them to digitally create, distribute and promote their business effectively.

This course explores practical insights into the 4 major pillars of digital marketing: Campaign Design, Online Advertising, Social Media and Content Marketing. You will learn end-to-end techniques on how to plan, implement and measure your campaigns.

Delivered over 3 days, this engaging series of practical 2-hour daily learning sprints uses a range of multimedia tools and learning aids, including case studies, videos, role-plays and skits. 

This series of interactive sessions and practical exercises that will help you gain fresh insights on how to integrate technology and marketing in the digital space to increase profits and gain customers.

Course Outline
  • Transitioning into a digital world
  • Introduction to Content Marketing
  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing
  • Introduction to Online Advertising

Upon successful completion of the Digital Marketing Fundamentals Bootcamp, you’ll be able to 

  • Develop a successful digital marketing strategy for your business
  • Customize your offering for mobile platforms
  • Navigate the world of paid advertising
  • Use multimedia tools to educate and engage your customers
  • Understand e-commerce tools and applications
  • Cultivate a community of loyal and engaged followers
  • Leverage SEO to keep your website top of mind 
  • Use social media to cultivate brand ambassadors
  • Measure the impact and ROI of your digital marketing campaigns

2 Day Digital Marketing Supremacy Bootcamp

This 2-day Digital marketing supremacy bootcamp is tailored for senior marketing managers. This course will equip you with the latest digital tools and practices, from Artificial Intelligence and influencer marketing to growth hacking and data mining. 

Learn how to structure your campaigns and properly motivate your agency or marketing team to thrive in the digital space.

Course Outline
  • Digital Strategy and Planning
  • Customer Value Journey 
  • Marketing technology tools and how to use them 
  • Building a Winning Content Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Analytics & Reporting

Upon successful completion of the Digital Marketing Supremacy Bootcamp, you’ll be able to:

1 Day Digital Leadership Bootcamp

Recommended for CEOs and other C-level executives. This course will equip you to understand the value of digital tools and teams to your organization’s success.


Our Team Of Expert Lecturers

Bryan Ndambuki

Digital Marketing Strategist.

Nicholas Kuria Kiratu

Digital Marketing Strategist.


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