Digital Media Bootcamp

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Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be able to:
  • Write newsworthy stories and edit them for print, radio, TV and digital platforms
  • Use multimedia elements, including photography, videography, and graphics to increase viewer engagement
  • Create and pitch professional news packages to editors at traditional media houses or digital platforms.
digital media bootcamp

In recent years, the media industry is rapidly evolving towards a convergent journalism model. In this new approach which responds to the public’s demand for easily accessible news, searchable in various mediums and outlets, the journalist has to be skilled in more than one discipline. This means that video, audio, writing, photography and digital selling are all considered essential competencies for the average journalist. ADMI is pleased to offer a cutting-edge program to address this emerging need.

Our mutual goals through this training will be to:

  • Ensure that all team members are at a similar threshold of digital exposure and expertise, so they speak a similar language.
  • for experienced practitioners, refresh and update practices with latest methods and approaches, latest trends in the industry – Digital Media

The Digital Media bootcamp is a series of interactive sessions and practical exercises that are designed to up-skill Communication Managers, Journalists, and PR practitioners with a uniform foundation to Digital Media approaches to content creation, distribution and promotion

If you want your communications team to be at a higher level of digital exposure and expertise, sign them up for this bootcamp.

Course Outline: 
  • Video Editing Premier Pro & Final Cut for Digital
  • Layout & Design – Adobe InDesign for Digital
  • Motion Graphics – after effects for Digital
  • Audio Production & Post Production for Digital
  • Web design for non-programmers
  • Content Management System in the digital era

Our Team Of Expert Lecturers

Kevin Chepkech

Motion Graphics Specialist

Mark Maina

Film-making Specialist

Geoffrey Oduor

Graphics and Web Design Specialist


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