SMEs Accelerator Bootcamp

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Course Outline:
  • Analyze your market and ensure its viable, then develop a viable business model
  • Learn how to recruit the right team in place
  • Learn how to raise capital
  • Learn how to manage your finances
  • Compliance – why is it important to comply with the laws of the land?
  • Build Forward Momentum for Rapid Quantum Growth

Decision making, leadership, market research, financing your business, negotiation and other core entrepreneurial skills are critical for success. Although real-world experience is the best teacher, we cannot underestimate the power of good mentorship, networking and continuous learning.

At ADMI’s Corporate Academy, you’ll have the opportunity to learn, connect and grow as you get structured guidance to streamline your path to success. The training will be conducted using a modern-day approach from business case studies delivered by seasoned entrepreneurs to pictorial and peer learning, video lectures and design thinking.

In a series of interactive sessions and practical exercises, you’ll be equipped with the requisite skills to transform your business into a sustainable, scalable, and sellable enterprise –  independent of the bounded efforts, talent and networks of the founder.


Upon successful completion of the SMEs Accelerator Bootcamp, you’ll be able to:

  • Embrace an entrepreneurial mindset for business growth
  • Review your current business approach for growth
  • Identify and assess opportunities for business growth
  • Implement innovative marketing tactics for business growth
  • Assess financial strength for business growth
  • Make financial forecasts for business growth 
  • Enhance operations and processes for business growth
  • Manage people effectively
  • Navigate pricing and apply for financing required for business growth
  • Consolidate your business growth plan
  • Build forward momentum for rapid quantum growth

Our Team Of Expert Lecturers

Wilson Rienye

Digital Specialist